So... I decided to share my Katas

Writing it's hard work, coming up with new ideas, experiments and make something people want to read is not the simpliest thing in the world.

I can say that because I did it until few years ago (⚠️Italian content ahead⚠️) and now I want to get back to writing, but this time in English.

There are so many things that I want to write in my own words (and with my mistakes while writing in English) but do something 100% original takes time and with a full-time job and 2 active kids around (working remotely as many of us do) it is really difficult.

Are you saying that you're going copy/paste articles written from someone else?

Absolutely not!!!

What you'll read here will be always 100% my own original writing, obviously inspired by the thing I am reading/studing at the moment.

Considering that coming up with new ideas or have the time to explore them is not an easy task I wanted to leverage something that I already do each day: practicing programming 😃

Each morning I wake up, as all of us I know 😉, and I do a Kata on CodeWars.

I do not have to think about where I will test/improve my skills, I just open the site and begin a new challenge and since I am the kind of person that likes to write in order to retain informations I want to start and share with you my considerations about the code that I produce but more importantly the differences with the most accepted solutions.

What I did wrong, what I learned and so on...

Don't cheat!!!

I am doing this NOT to give you an easy solution, I am doing this first and foremost for myself because I am learning each day something new and I want to share with you my finding doing the Katas that CodeWars proposes me.

If you do not find my articles relevants just skip them when you read my name, but do not copy/paste my (mostly bad) solutions because you'll not learn anything.

Why am I doing this?

Well first and foremost I like do the #learninpublic thing, I even share my notes on the amazing course on GitHub 😃

But also to practice writing in a language that I know but did not have many experience with it. I lived in London for two years working as a bartender in an American Pub but you know how are those kind of jobs, lot's of chit-chats with clients and colleagues and on top of that huuge amounts of booze 😂

So I want to start writing about web development and I thought starting by sharing my considerations about the Katas that I am solving could be a nice icebraker that forced me hit that Publish button.

Well it already did since my first 'article' is already published.

Let's close here then, maybe in the future I'll writing more about myself (still dev related stuff don't worry 😉), but as I stated at the beginning writing is hard and right now I do not have much time.

So... Have a great day 👋